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A long walk

The Dead Run: A Novel - Adam Mansbach

Full post at http://www.bookgasm.com/reviews/horror/the-dead-run/


“Are you familiar with the legend of the Virgin Army, Sheriff?”

Nichols stifled a laugh. “Yeah, sure. Undead virgins buried in the desert, right? They rise and feed on human flesh when there’s–what is it again? A full moon? An eclipse? Nothing good on TV?”


The best thing about Adam Mansbach’s THE DEAD RUN is that you are not familiar with the legend of the Virgin Army. Or probably any of the meso-American shenanigans threaded through this high-octane homage to cult movies.


.... [SNIP]


Maybe I’m humorless, but despite some neat gee-whiz details in the content of its plot (that undead Virgin Army), THE DEAD RUN felt to me more like a long walk.