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The Waking Dark - Robin Wasserman

Hm. Some sharp bits--as karen says, there's a Game-of-Thronesy willingness to heap abuse upon or nastily dispatch major characters. I think I'd have loved it at age 13, 'though at age *cough cough mumble* I found it a bit overstuffed with adolescents, as much John Hughes as John Carpenter. And I never really liked John Hughes. Still, that nasty edge provides some real thrills.

Full review at Bookgasm.


The first 31 pages of Robin Wasserman’s THE WAKING DARK are a punch in the gut. We’re immediately immersed in terrible mayhem. A gunman opens fire in a drugstore, and attention centers on Daniel Ghent, who manages to survive.

His terror is ours: the startled recognition of what’s happening, the flash of memory of so many mass shootings, the nausea at seeing friends and neighbors taken down, the nausea and guilt and fear about surviving when all around you haven’t. That scene of mass homicide is written without sensation (or without lurid, hepped-up prose — the situation is more than sensational enough).