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Reconstruction - Mick Herron Gonna be a crackin' movie. Not bad but maybe not so memorable as a book.

It's got a decent little twisty plot (but nothing fabulous), and has some very (very) nice snipes at characters and Brit culture (and the Iraq miasma, one of the many ways the titular* "reconstruction" gets deployed), and I'm hoping that the wit gets plucked out and distilled in the BBC version, 'cause you have to wade through a lot of cliffhangery folderol to get to said sarcasm and aforementioned plot twists.

By cliffhangery folderol I mean constant cross-cutting between characters, in the middle of a scene, often at the precise moment of explosive action, meant to amp up our tension. But it felt a bit.... well, if a character had stroked a handlebar moustache and yelled about paying the rent, it wouldn't have been that big a tonal leap.

Still, it reads fast, and clean, and is at the very least smarter than 80% of the other airport/beach reads you might happen upon. But you might just wait for the BBC to adapt it, and then really enjoy it.

*Heh heh. I said titular.