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Blacksad - Juan Díaz Canales, Juanjo Guarnido Some lovely, detailed images--and there's consistently some fun to be had with its use of bipedal animals in lush, evocative, classical noir imagery. But I was expecting in terms of story *and* art something more challenging, surprising. All told, turn these animals into humans and the three storylines would be ... meh. Too conventional for me, or maybe I had just primed my reading with the wrong cues.

Plus everyone knows cats would make lousy detectives. They'd be good with the pissy self-righteousness of the noir hero, but as cats are happy to piss in boxes of dusty gravel, we know they could never be that badass. Every time Blacksad would scowl at a suspect, I'd picture him poised, haunches quivering, on the side of his litterbox. Bogie'd never go for that.