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Leather Maiden - Joe R. Lansdale has going for it Lansdale's typical whiskey-stained knuckle-popping sarcasm, and opens with great promise--a hardluck near-has-been reporter returns to his home town, picks up a crap gig at the local rag (which boasts a great character in its publisher/editor), and gets embroiled in a grotesquely outlandish set of town secrets. I dug the first hundred pages: the likable scoundrel telling us the tale, the nuanced professionalism of Lansdale's plot-winding, the bite of the dialogue. Then, once the plot is wound up, the whole book seems to unwind; the likable scoundrel becomes merely likable, even (damn) heroic; the villains both outre and yet oddly abstract. Even the sarcasm seeps away, mostly, leaving us with action. Meh. I prefer Lansdale with less sincerity, more eccentric heroes, and a seemingly limitless capacity to ground grotesqueries, to make you believe (for instance) in Elvis and a black JFK alive and kicking against the spirit of Imhotep....

A fast read, but a little disappointing, given the source.