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The Extinction Event - David Black My favorite thing about this book are its blurbs. And by favorite, I mean only thing.

Seriously--Lori Singer! Bill Cosby! The creator of Kate & Allie! And the ne plus ultra, Alec Baldwin: "Black is a serious writer in the old sense, in the absolute sense." I have no idea what that means, but I seriously love it, love it in the old sense, in the absolute sense.

Want a review? Lawyer dies suspiciously. Firm ne'er-do-well and hardboiled scamp gets in the frame with the police. Scamp also trades barbs with firm whippersnapper/hottie. They hate one another, until they love one another, and then sleep with one another, on a cross-country trail, as runners jump over them. Ooops. Spoiler.

Sleazy death leads to conspiracy. Conspiracy is rather tediously developed, but that is in keeping with the prose, which is rather tediously tough and "funny." "Funny" in the old sense, like a smell. Plot develops until the last few pages, when it goes ape-shit. Want another spoiler? It's in the title, so what the hell: what's really behind the conspiracy is not just big business and government cover-up. It's the imminent death of the world via asteroid! Didn't see that coming, did you?