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Worth Dying For - Lee Child I enjoy Lee Child the way I enjoy running three miles on a treadmill: sure, I never go anywhere, and every step is pretty mindlessly repetitive of prior steps (and the many times I've run this route before), and at this point three miles isn't terribly challenging. But I get to listen to loud angry music, and sink into a kind of action trance; Jack Reacher and treadmilling to Electric Six both do way more to ease my mind then yoga, so... Child is good at setting up a series of problems which Reacher slowly puzzles--and then precisely, physically brutalizes--through. There's no real surprise, and the treadmill keeps rotating, but there's a real, substantive pleasure for me in that.

I'm dropping down to "okay" because I can no longer recall specifics for most of this series, and even this book has already begun to fade, like the run I had last Monday, into a collapsed singularity called Jack Reacher (or jogging).