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The Betrayers - James Patrick Hunt Hunt is not doing anything dazzling with his prose or plots, not reshaping the genre, maybe not even as perfectly distilling the lean crime thriller as one might hope. Yet. Give him time. This is a strong, smart, fast thriller: two cops killed in chapter one, in a seemingly-professional style. The rest of the novel is following the actions that led up to and ripple out from that event.

It follows Leonard's lead in giving every character--even the stray lowlife popping up on a barstool for one short chapter--a thickly-realized personality, giving us a sense of deep history in a few economical paragraphs and a couple lines of dialogue. It's got some wit and edge, laying out what happens and laying off the exposition.

I don't think this'll win any converts, but for those of us in the choir, it's manna. (He writes, beating the bad metaphor senseless.)