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Dark Harvest - Norman Partridge A fast, fairly-furious read. I'm not sure it cared much about scaring anyone, but it takes a slew of familiar horror tropes (small-town secret rituals; Halloween & coming of age) and runs with 'em. Runs? Maybe hops into a nitro-jumped beater and roars the engine loudly, maybe a bit more loudly than you'd want, mostly showing off, engine-revving to bug the squares, before burning a bit of rubber and doing laps around the high-school parking lot. I liked it, got a quick swift kick out of it, and there were flashes of jagged mean wit in the prose that made me want to track down some of Partridge's short fiction. That all said, it wasn't the rebirth of horror for this old-fan-now-fallen-away, and it probably won't win any converts. But--hey!--'tis the season. Mostly treat, and a couple neat tricks.