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Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life - Steve Martin I like Martin's prose, and I love his comedy--so I read (and relished) this for its crisp style and its occasional very fine assessments of how (his) comedy works.

"Works" in the specific material sense--how to travel and do stand-up, how to work in the business of comedy. But also in the theoretical sense--even as a kid I saw Martin's stuff as a blast because it seemed to be about comedy as well as being comedy.... and in my favorite bits, this book lets us watch this intensely-theoretical performer untangle how and why he did what he did.

Still, it's also a memoir, and it's honest and straightforward and just-the-right-bit of sentimental . . . and I don't much like memoirs, and so I appreciated without much enjoying so much life-story. Mixed review, but--hell-a very fast read, so still worth it.