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August: Osage County - Tracy Letts Extravagantly melodramatic and full of withering, viciously funny dialogue, Letts' play reminded me at least in tone more of Albee and Pinter than O'Neill (who, let's face it, had the long and melodramatic down pat but lacked the "funny").

A family with let's say some issues convenes after the father's disappearance, and over the course of a few nights rip into one another, reveal, repress. You know, family. I was very entertained by the read, and found myself thoroughly enmeshed in the emotional trials of Barbara (the eldest daughter)--and she has a moment, near play's end, that was truly heart-breaking.

I'd love to see this live. It's dynamic on the page, all red meat and rage (as my pal Jeff and I note in the comments). But I am curious why the reviews have been so singularly effusive, calling it the best new play in years.... Maybe. Maybe? Really? It's very good, but...