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Parasites Like Us - Adam Johnson Just began [book:Alive in Necropolis] which came with an array of intriguing back-cover blurbs, including one by Adam Johnson... which reminded me that I'd liked [book:Emporium] and really liked this one.

And rather than just dump some stars on it, let me point you to a very good review that lays out many good reasons why I, too, liked the book.

My favorite thing was the juggling of real bleakness with an often deadpan silliness -- not some nihilistic "and now we cavort while the world crashes," but a painful and vivid tangle of misanthropy and staggering idealistic hope. This is vague, I know, but that is the gist of the sentiment I took away from the book....

...but sentiment be damned, eh? It's a pretty good academic satire, then an even better post-apocalyptic black comedy. And line by line Johnson can startle.