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The Glister: A Novel - John Burnside Over the course of the first half, this felt a bit too familiar, and I kept comparing it to Glen Hirshberg's very fine The Snowman's Children--where the dread of the serial-killer plot served as mere mechanism for conveying something opaque, shadowy, oblique about the dread we feel as children, adulthood's darkness looming. Burnside tells the story via different points of view, which diffuses that dread into a more existential, Twin-Peaksy focus on a community marked by evil; the least effective voice was, alas, also most central...

...but at the half-way mark there's a scene of dark violence which gave the book (or just me) a jolt, and the book thereafter exploited the lingering after-effects of that adrenaline, heightening the surreal, paranoid feel.