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Inherent Vice - Thomas Pynchon Ah, man, go see Ceridwen's delirious praise or Eddie's more muted but still celebratory accounting.

I quite enjoyed this, as it reminded me of the way I finally found my path into Pynchonia (via Vineland)--goofy and allusive and elusive and knockabout slapstick and culturally-rich political riffs and paranoid and yeah. After Vineland I returned to Lot 49, which now made much more sense, and by god was so much more dazzling. And I've since gone way upstream.

My only complaint here might be that--unlike Against the Day, which sits on the shelf rebuking me, reminding me of so much unexplored territory--I felt with Vice like the sights along the shore were pretty familiar. It was fun to see them again, though now I've got the Pyncunchies and feel like grabbing Lot 49 again.