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West of Here - Jonathan Evison Recommended. Many will like this more than me, and I think most will like it, period.

Often funny, often moving, often gripping . . . but a little bit marred by a lack of strong momentum. There's much that impresses -- a deliberately-ornate architecture (shifting time periods smoothly, but also juggling points of view with reckless, delightful enthusiasm); a strong central Idea; some very effective man v. nature writing, matched by some very fine mundane escapades. But long, and at a certain point (once I'd got a pretty firm grip on the Idea and was adept at the pov-juggling) that length felt at times like a trek more than trailblazing. I couldn't ever shake memories of T.C. Boyle's World's End.... but return to word one: this is an engaging book, and a writer worth watching. Your mileage will probably exceed my own.