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When the Killing's Done - T.C. Boyle Technically kind of perfect--it's a thick, rich, structurally-complicated and yet utterly compelling study of a few vehement believers, colliding. No one writes misguided, arrogant, genuine, ultimately-engaging assholes as well as Boyle. Franzen tries, but his latest is on the rocks with more than a dash of water, where Boyle serves things neat, and ferocious.

I rushed through it, enjoyed it, found its critique of those trying to do Good a sly way to get us to engage pretty substantively with the complexities of doing good (and causing harm). I probably knock it a bit 'cause I've read a LOT of Boyle, and while his rigorous attention to history leads off in all kinds of fascinating, diverse directions (Kellogg's cereal origins, Kinsey's sex studies, an Alaskan commune, three generations of Hudson River valley family)... there's a familiarity here that kept me from full-throated appreciation.