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Shambling Towards Hiroshima - James K. Morrow Somewhere between okay and a more solid like (maybe 2.5 stars), which I bump up for its loving depiction of Hollywood's B-monster-movie subculture of the '40s, and for having (lovely) cameos by James Whale and Willis O'Brien.

Morrow is a talented satirist and an often inventive plotter and prose stylist, too. This feels like a lark, its research (on B-movies and the war in the Pacific) a bit too intrusive, its last-act rage against the original nuclear WMD a bit out of left field. The central conceit is intriguing (Man in Monster Suit as crucial part of the war effort, and Teratoid Operations running at the same time as the Manhattan Project)... but, again, rather quickly sketched, rather lightly engaged. It's a slim little novel, full of Morrow's delight in these sorts of films, a delight I share... so okay.