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Leviathan Wakes - James S.A. Corey An entertaining read that poses some great opening puzzles a la Clarke, then segues into something more like Heinlein, hepped-up high-speed guns and ships and ripping action, with a working-joe cast and an ear for the smart-ass aside. It's never less than entertaining, 'though I'm temperamentally more inclined to relish the what-if than the what-next, and so was a wee bit disappointed that the opening promise of Big Strange Mystery became less of a driving force to the narrative engine. Emphasis on "wee bit"--and disappointed is overstating it. I gulped this down in a couple days; it's fun stuff. (And certainly readable as a stand-alone: the suggestive possibilities for future volumes is intriguing, but you won't end the book frustrated by hanging cliffs.)