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The Other Hand - Chris Cleave Damn, thought I'd reviewed this when I read it. You're going to hear a lot of hype; I picked it up based on hype out of England. It's not as great as all that, and the ambitious marketer who changed the title from the more thematically astute "The Other Hand" to the cloying "Little Bee" (and penned the flap-copy about not wanting to ruin the story) owes the author a more cautious introduction to the more jaundiced audience who might, regrettably, set it aside. Then again, the author deserves a bit of blame, as in parts the novel is entirely too emowhimsimoving, veering between heavy-handed jocularity and equally burdensome SADness.

And at times it floored me. I was as moved by some passages--especially by the central "event" on the beach, told in a ruthlessly unsentimental manner--as I have been by any novel in some time.