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Worm: The First Digital World War - Mark Bowden A readable/reasonably entertaining overview of the "Cabal," a group which coalesced in response to the Conficker worm & botnet threat. Bowden organizes history and the sometimes jargon-addled world of digital history clearly. I knew just a little of this, and so--like other great longform journalism--the book fleshed out a context and chain of events that ought to be better known.

But Bowden also skimps on depth; this reader got excited for a more complex overview of the kinds of threats we've seen and are likely to see... but no. Similarly, there are some rich personalities in the mix here, but Bowden (unlike, say, the inimitable Michael Lewis) has trouble doing more than a couple-paragraph bio, and we see an awful lot of bickering, transcripts included, without really getting any sense of the Oscars and Felixes shouting at one another. These lacks are compounded by a weird, utterly-ineffective attempt at the occasional gonzo flourish. Exclamation points, asides to the reader, occasional Wolfeish catchphrases.... these all fall thudding to the figurative floor.

Still, if I have to wait for the great book about malware, this is at least a clear quick account of a signal event.