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Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference - Cordelia Fine Excellent, witty, damning assessment of the ostensible neurological foundations for gender differences. Fine's text is stuffed with not just critiques of how popularized science is often bowdlerized science -- she also tangles with the pervasively flawed construction of experiments (or off-based interpretive conclusions) in the scientific research.

I'd been batting this around as a possible "common read" for our first-year students at college, and I think it'd be excellent in so many ways... but the book's one flaw is a tendency to piledrive the point, stuffing the pages and footnotes with (well-integrated, concise, expertly-selected) quotations from countless studies, in a manner that impresses the academic in me but worries the teacher who is dealing with people not yet acclimated to academic citation methods. I'm going to pitch it by some colleagues, but it might be better suited to some other sorts of courses....

... and, hell, it's VERY well-suited for you. It's what popular science OUGHT to be: as rigorous in its accounting of evidence and method as a journal article, but just as sleek in its style as it is comprehensive in its bibliography.