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The Games - Ted Kosmatka Good news, everyone! In the future, the Olympics will be waaaaaaaaay more fun.

I thought about a nuanced review, reframing the novel's own images of genetically-engineered beast-iators--most of them disjointed collages of different species (wolfigator! raptoroo! beariger!) but, see, this new creature, devised by a sentient computer (devised, in turn, by an asocial quasi-autistic savant), this new creature is something entirely new, its genes wholly new creations, recombined in ways that make this particular beast-iator ENTIRELY NEW! Unlike anything seen before!

ENTIRELY NEW! Not recombined bits of creatures we've seen before!

But then I decided that review was too easy.

Kosmatka has written some very fine short fiction. And this first novel is a savvy embodiment of various genre details, and written with a general competence often absent in Ouijiied updates of Crichton's oeuvre. (Or, sometimes, in Crichton, too.). Godspeed and big booming sales! And may the second novel be a more interesting beastie.