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The Twelve - Justin Cronin I made it about 200 pages. I enjoyed the first one okay, 'though I couldn't remember a damn thing about it when I picked up this sequel. I still like Cronin's off-tempo pacing, and this probably remains readable--despite some of the same mumbo-jumbo apocahash that I found a little tiring in the first, and despite some new drags. (Duddits!*)

But readable is like edible. Sure, I could eat that sort of stale bologna sandwich. Or I could set it aside and wait for dinner. I might have kept nibbling if it wasn't such a big damn sandwich, if it wasn't so blandly filling, if I hadn't just had a better meal. (Christopher Buehlman's Between Two Fires is an epic, gripping, character-driven horror novel that sticks to the ribs.)

*Okay, it's not really Duddits. It's an autistic adult bus driver driving his bus around and saving people with his magical innocence.