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Darth Vader and Son - Jeffrey Brown Max loved this in a bookstore this summer--sat on the floor and read the whole thing. And then--huzzah!--it popped up as a special gift from him this xmas.

His review:
It was a well-written parody of Star Wars, with Luke Skywalker making it harder and harder for Darth Vader to make an empire. Every single page has a different joke related to different hard work with parents. Like one page with Luke swinging, instead of a baseball bat, a lightsaber, and the baseball breaks in half. Dealing with all the hard parts of parent life, Darth Vader manages to be half-annoyed and half-happy at the same time. I got it for my dad because he deals with all these hard things of parent life. And he also likes looking at funny things. And he likes Star Wars. So I decided to get it for him. It took him 10 minutes to read it. It took me 15. He's faster at reading than I am. I liked the book because I like graphic novels, and Star Wars, and with the element of comedy in it, I liked it even more. Even if not comedy, I'd still have read and liked it--because of the stuff with Darth Vader having a son.

That's good.


He is now copy-editing this review. He's mad that I transcribed the "That's good."